.....our Cheyenne

Skabona Max Factor  2017 06 14

After several years of thinking about buying a four-legged family member, the choice fell on a "Collie". We recall all the films about "Lassie" which must clearly have been an idea donor. With some other link to the museum we made a decision.

Buying a dog is a big decision, taking into account family members and surroundings for the dog to enjoy.

We were lucky to find a merited kennel just some 100 km from Voxna in Hälsingland where we live.

Wonderful Bo & Natalja Skalin "Kennel Skarbona" was very helpful to us. To be honest, I'm worried that Bo will get tired of my constant love declarations to Cheyenne via text messages with accompanying pictures. :)

But then, his beautiful, friendly personality and exuberant joy of life, prudent caution when required is almost hard to handle.

Two happy dog owners on their way home to Voxna

with Cheyenne (3 months) for the first time.

With over 50 champions, as well as world winners and European winners, veterinarian Natalja Skalin licensed to judge a number of breeds at CAC level. Bo Skalin, judge of the Swedish Judges Association with many own champions.  https://www.skabona.com

Father  of Cheyenne

Rejejs Oriental Milk

Mother of Cheyenne

Kiss of lady Fantazija

SKABONA                 kennel  https://www.skabona.com

On the walk in the beautiful autumn forest 2017!