Floyd Cramer / Jason Coleman

Floyd Cramer / Jason Coleman

Floyd Cramer,  1933 - 1997  born in Shreveport, Louisiana was an American pianist.

He worked both as a studio musician and with his own music.

Cramer meant a lot to the development of the Nashville sound. In the 1950s.

Cramer played as a studio musician for names such as Elvis Presley, Brenda Lee,

Patsy Cline, Jim Reeves, Roy Orbison, Don Gibson and The Everly Brothers.

Fluyd Cramer is considered the "Godfather" of popular music.

He left a mark on how the piano should be played in bands, orchestras etc.

You still hear today his style, his touch in which band, etc. you hear. "He clearly put a mark!

"The Piano Magic of Floyd Cramer" - performed by grandson Jason Coleman.

Jason brings his grandfather's famous "slip note"

piano style to a nostalgic lineup of some of the most recognizable and heart-stirring songs of yesterday and today.

Jim Reeves and Floyd Cramer in Rome Italy 1962. Here we see Jim in a somewhat unusual situation where he is holding a drinking glass.

He was always very careful not to expose himself to his fans with beer, wine or any other alcoholic beverage.

Floyd Cramer in Jim Reeves' first band "Wagon Masters" in the mid 50's.

This original picture hangs at Jim Reeves museum in Voxna Sweden

Photographer; Bjorn Herlin,

Jim Reeves Museum  Sweden