Jim Reeves: His Untold Story (*NEW* UPDATED EDITION; 672 pgs)

Going Hollywood: Midwesterners In Movieland (248 pgs)

SILENCED New Evidence In the Mysterious Deaths Of Marilyn Monroe & Dorothy Kilgallen

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Ms. Jordan-Heintz is also quoted in five other books by big-league authors and is the 2018 winner of the Outstanding Young Iowa Journalists Award from the Iowa Newspaper Foundation, plus a 2019 First Place award from the Iowa Associated Press Media Editors. An honors graduate of the prestigious University of Iowa, she holds degrees in American Studies and History. 

More than 13 years in the writing, this riveting bio is based on hundreds of interviews with the people who knew Jim best, as well as his personal diaries. Jordan's brisk, though richly detailed narrative style tells an engrossing story, taking you virtually day by day through Jim's life. There are many intriguing - even explosive - revelations here, in a portrait that is honest, though sometimes painful; poignant, yet full of good humor.

More than 150 rare (B&W and color) photos depict the private as well as public side of the unforgettable "Gentleman Jim." Country Music People magazine says "rarely can a book have been as eagerly anticipated as Larry Jordan's 'Jim Reeves: His Untold Story.'"

This unique, (7x10), 600-page book is not only an engrossing and intimate BIOGRAPHY of two enigmatic women, (with many colorful and fascinating details of their lives), it also explores the mysteries surrounding their deaths, with NEW information never previously revealed. Marilyn Monroe was the movies' Mona Lisa. Dorothy Kilgallen was called the greatest female writer in the world by Ernest Hemingway. Just one day before Marilyn died, Dorothy brazenly printed enough clues in her nationally syndicated newspaper column to link the actress to Robert Kennedy.

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